My Writing Journey


So how does someone working in government end up writing a novel?

I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed English way back in my school days – the analysing and critical evaluation of classics from Robert Louis Stevenson, William Shakespeare and Wilfred Owen. I also enjoyed writing short stories ~ and had some reward in achieving publication in the school magazine!

Alas, I ended up studying Business and Finance at university and falling into a career in the civil service, a job I still hold. I am also Managing Director of Saphrim Ltd, a small business that has developed its own brand of fine precious gemstone jewellery based on the beauty of Ireland’s landscape and culture, specifically its literature and music culture.

I have however never lost my love for reading. Early on I developed a particular interest in crime, mystery and thriller genres. When not working I am most likely to be found reading! Friends and colleagues have often asked why someone who clearly has such a passion for reading, and who has an aptitude for writing (albeit government reports) never considered writing a novel.

So consider it I did.

A number of years ago, heavily influenced by Alex Delaware (Jonathan Kellerman), Harry Bosch (Michael Connolly), Jack Reacher (Lee Child) and the stand alone novels of Harben Coben and Linwood Barclay I wrote Systems Failing. This was a novel that followed the oft cited adage of ‘write what you know’ in being centred in the worlds of government officialdom and commerce. It also weaves in my passion for crime, mystery and thrillers. Indeed it proved very difficult for me to decide on the most appropriate genre to categorise the novel given it contained a crime, mysterious circumstances and thrilling encounters!

Systems Failing is available now on Amazon and I am currently editing a follow up novel, Double Figures, which further explores the personal and professional trials and tribulations of the main protagonist Clark Radcliffe.


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