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book and book

So, after a lengthy period corresponding with agents and publishers I have taken the plunge and published my first full length novel on Amazon. It seems to have taken years to get to this stage, what with agents’ and publishers’ exclusivity expectations, delay/failure in responding to emails etc (the usual experience by all accounts).

But why did I pursue the route of agents and publishers in the first place?

Well, I suppose I see myself as a traditionalist when it comes to books and reading. I love books. I love holding books, perusing them, turning them over in my hands. I love their smell. I regard books as pieces of art, something to display in bookcases; to admire and cherish.

And then one day my good wife bought me a Kindle. I tried it. I didn’t like it. I missed my books. I threw it in the corner.

Over time friends and colleagues appeared to be moving (en masse) towards e-readers; Kindle, Nook, Hudl, iPad, iPhone, Windows etc, ridiculing me in their wake for my intransigence. I began to take notice too of the number of people about town, in cafes and public transport engrossed in their e-reader. I reflected on my pursuance of traditional publishing and my goal of having an actual physical book available in hardback and paperback.

Maybe I am a bit of a Luddite, I began to think. And perhaps more importantly, maybe I am missing an opportunity as a writer (or author – see previous blog post). Maybe a goal should be to reach as many readers as possible, and if readers have transitioned (or are transitioning) towards e-readers then that is an avenue I need to consider?

So I investigated Kindle Direct Publishing.

And I made a decision.

Systems Failing is now available in eBook format to ‘get it out there’ and to test readers’ reaction. And I must say it has been a move I am not regretting, the feedback both encouraging and motivating. I am now working with Createspace to make a print version available; now in the final proof stages and hopefully available in the next few weeks!

So in conclusion, I will always love my hardback and paperback books but have grown to accept and appreciate that not everyone may share the same view. As long as my writing is being read and (hopefully) enjoyed I should be thankful and grateful irrespective of the medium on which the words appear.

Oh, by the way, I have retrieved my Kindle from the corner and am currently working my way through a couple of ‘downloads,’ albeit alongside reading a ‘proper’ book.

So the future for me is not eBooks v Books, but eBooks AND Books.


5 thoughts on “eBooks v Books

  1. Very well spoken Allan, I’m looking forward to reading your book. I’m glad you are pursuing both. That said I have not been turned to the dark side of the kindle lol 😆 and I will be turned not. May there force be with you. Cheers David.

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  2. Hi Allan. I’ve followed you over here from Twitter, as I’m on WordPress, too. It seems you followed a similar route to me with your first book, although I didn’t pursue the traditional route much at all. Like you, though, I only came round to the Kindle idea after some persuasion from my kids! Congratulations on getting your book out there – and I hope you follow it up with lots more (or just a few, if that suits you better). 😃


    • Hi Millie. Thanks for the message. All going well at the moment – paperback version of 1st book will be ‘released’ very soon. I have been surprised by the number of people who have said they are waiting for the paperback version. Here’s hoping they follow through…


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