Who is Clark Radcliffe?


Clark Radcliffe has lived in Belfast for many years, from his days as a student to working as a government computer analyst. With a growing reputation he began to receive attention and tempting offers from outside public service. Eventually he succumbed and took the step into the unknown, into freelance computer consulting.

His knowledge of the inner workings of government is not lost on his freelance partners, including the police who draw him into investigating wrongdoing and secrecy in the corridors of power.

If only his personal life had taken a progressive path. Clark enjoys his own company avoiding what he sees as futile casual conversations with colleagues. He does however maintain a small circle of friends for little more than social convenience. He is estranged from his family having drifted away during his student days. And he struggles with women.

His solace is his music; both listening to the classics of the ‘70s and strumming his own versions in the solitude of his bijou home.

Clark’s embarks on his first adventure in Systems Failing, a treacherous trek across Belfast and Dubai in search of answers to a mysterious case involving Milton White, a high profile government official forced to resign in suspicious circumstances.

Double Figures is coming soon! Follow Clark in the City of London as he investigates financial irregularity involving someone very close to him…


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