Hello and welcome

Check out the website and learn a bit about me and my writing. You can also learn a bit more about Clark Radcliffe, the main character who debuts in Systems Failing. Is he a figment of my imagination or is he me? I would like to think a bit of both although some who know me well say otherwise!

I work full-time and write as often as I can, usually very early in the morning, late at night and certainly at weekends.

I live in rural County Down, N Ireland with my wife, two boys and Rosie the beagle. A graduate of Ulster and York universities I have worked across a number of government departments.

Systems Failing is my first full length novel, a thriller set in Belfast and Dubai with more than  a hint of mystery. Clark Radcliffe is a freelance computer analyst who in the past worked for the government. Its intricacies and secrets however continue to follow him.

Double Figures, a second novel featuring Clark Radcliffe is coming soon.

I enjoy writing short stories which I aim to periodically publish on the website.